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Government not willing to assist EZ Jet with fuel concessions – 15th Nov 2012

If EZ Jet was looking to the Guyana Government for some assistance to help it return to the skies, the airline may have to find another helping hand.

The Donald Ramotar administration does not appear too willing to lend assistance to the grounded carrier after the airline was forced to bring an end to its operations following the move by the US and Guyana Governments to suspend the airline’s license.

EZ Jet has been trying to make the case that the Government of Guyana should be there more for the Guyanese owned airline, assisting with the cost for fuel, offering some subsidies as is being enjoyed by Caribbean airlines. Today, Dr. Roger Luncheon hinted that such assistance is out of the question.

EZ Jet has not held back its hand in firing off criticism at the Guyana Government since its license was suspended last week. The airline accused the Government of dealing with it with one hand, while dealing with competitor Caribbean Airlines with the other hand. The morning after the Government announced the EZ Jet suspension, it called in the top brass of Caribbean Airlines and held talks. That’s the same Caribbean Airlines that the Government has been very critical of in the past.

EZ Jet is hoping that this too will past, although it has not said how it intends to return to the skies with suspensions hanging over its wings and irate passengers demanding their money back and some sort of assistance.

Just yesterday Caribbean Airlines announced that it would be offering some reduced fares on selected days to assist with those EZ Jet passengers left stranded.

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