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Questions continue on the deaths of three men linked to the underworld – Nov 14th 2012

Several weeks after the killing of Ricardo Rodrigues, Marlon Osbourne aka ‘Trini’ and Jean LeBlanc, it is unclear whether investigations are any closer to discover “whodunit”. The police and the Central Government have largely been silent on the brazen shooting to death of two of the three killed and the mysterious slippage into the great beyond by the third man, a Canadian. Even the Canadians have not pursued the mysterious death in a local hospital of one of its citizens. The normally proactive PR department of the Georgetown Hospital has not explained how a man, foreigner, who was being treated for a gunshot to the buttocks just “ups and dead” as Guyanese are wont to say.

Details began to emerge of serious links to the underworld particularly the narcotics and gun running criminal enterprise, soon after all three men died. Now more questions are surfacing on where the Canadian may have been staying, who had access to his hotel room while he was in hospital and who removed his possessions.

The Canadian is alleged to have been on a business deal with Ricardo Rodrigues at the time of the shooting that killed Rodrigues and injured both LeBlanc and a Jamaican man, Michael Hutchinson. The Jamaican subsequently left the country. The Guyanese police who control the immigration department have not offered any timeline of the men who came in, the Canadian and Jamaican, and why they were here. There has been no announcement of an inquest into these killings.

Rodrigues and LeBlanc were shot at the GMRSC Pit Stop in Thomas Lands, while Osbourne was shot in Queenstown. Both were shot in broad daylight. The Police issued wanted bulletins for well-known businessmen but released them shortly after the shootings.

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