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Government says all is well with Guyanese students in Cuba – Nov 12th 2012

Those Guyanese students affected by Hurricane Sandy over in Cuba, have been receiving help from the  Cuban Authorities. That’s according to Public Service Minister, Jennifer Westford who told Capitol News, that the Guyana Embassy over in Cuba, has been speaking to some of the affected students and intends to visit them and assess their losses.

Some students had complained that there were facing a number of problems since the Hurricane which devastated some parts of the island. Since then and just before, Minister Westford explains that the Cuban authorities have been offering help to all affected foreign students.

The Guyanese students she said, are well taken care of and there is no need to worry. Guyanese authorities who intend to visit the students are expected to do so when many of the streets have been cleared of debris left behind by the Hurricane.

Guyana has scores of students currently studying in Cuba. However, just over 20 of them are studying in the area which was hit by the hurricane. The Public Service Ministry which looks after the welfare of the students and the scholarship programme has been in contact with the Cuban authorities on the issue.

Some students claimed, that they lost equipment and books in the Hurricane. The Guyana Government has asked the students to compile a list of their losses so help could be offered. That’s according to Minister, Jennifer Westford.

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