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National Assembly adjourns following opposition’s refusal to let Rohee speak – Nov 8th 2012

The National Assembly was brought to a noisy end this afternoon just about an hour after the sitting began as the Opposition members prevented Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee from speaking by thumping on their desks and chanting that Rohee must go.

The Speaker after two attempts to bring the house to order, was forced to call it a day and adjourn the sitting of the National Assembly until the 22nd November.

The Speaker, before all the noise had announced, that he had sought and gotten the opinions from two attorneys including Senior Counsel, Rex McKay, about whether with the no confidence motion which was passed against Rohee, the speaker could prevent the Minister from speaking in the National Assembly. He said, he was told that he could not and it would be on the executive to remove Rohee.

That was before all the noise and the adjournment. Following the adjournment, Opposition Leader David Granger said, the issue is clear, the Opposition has no confidence in Rohee as the Minister of Home Affairs and therefore the Opposition will not allow him to speak in that portfolio before the same National Assembly that passed that no confidence motion in him.

The Government side was clearly livid over the Opposition’s stance and the speaker’s decision to call off the sitting. Prime Minister Samuel Hinds said, the speaker should have been tougher and have the Opposition MP’s escorted out of the Assembly.

Asked whether the Government would take other motions before the house that would not have the Minister’s name to it, PPP Chief Whip, Gail Teixiera said, that was out of the question.

The National Assembly earlier this year passed a no confidence motion in the Home Affairs Minister. The Opposition used their majority to ensure that motion was passed. President Ramotar has since indicated that he is standing in Rohee’s corner and has no intention of asking the Minister to leave the Home Affairs portfolio.

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