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Police still to be charged for Belgrave death – Nov. 6th 2012

3 weeks since the Police shooting death of Dameon Belgrave on the eve of his birthday, charges are still to be filed. The Police had wrapped up its investigation into the shooting incident outside the fish shop. The Police Complaints Authority received that report and after requests for additional information, the file is now being studied again. The office of Director of Public Prosecutions is awaiting the input of the Police Complaints Authority, before it goes ahead and make recommendations to the Police, about possible charges that ought to be filed.

Just last week, the Chairman of the Complaints Authority said, once he got the additional information he requested, he could put together his recommendations early this week. Today, the office of the DPP said it was awaiting the file. Three policemen were taken off duty and placed under close arrest following the shooting death. The police were chasing behind a car with a group of teenage boys and opened fire behind one of the boys when he ran from the vehicle after he brought it to a stop. The gunshots missed him and instead, struck Belgrave who was standing with friends closeby. A car near to where Belgrave was standing just opposite the fish shop was also damaged from the gunfire.

Police Commissioner, Leroy Brummel, just after the shooting, reached out to the relatives of the dead young man offering his sympathy and assistance.

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