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Guyanese die in Suriname Accident – Nov 5th 2012

Family members are still shocked by that devastating accident over in Nickerie Suriname on Friday, which claimed the lives of 3 Guyanese. Just one person survived the crash and was hospitalized.

The Guyana Consulate in Nickerie has been in contact with Surinamese officials and is expected to offer some assistance to the relatives here as they try to bring home the remains of their loved ones. The accident occurred as the group of 4 was heading to the capital of Paramaribo.  They left Guyana the same morning.

The vehicle they were in, A Honda CRV plunged off the road and into a canal. Persons who were close by rushed to their aid but there was not much they could do. One woman was rescued and taken to the hospital.

The 3 others may have drowned or may have died on impact.

It remains unclear who was driving at the time. The three who died have been identified as Charlene Lynch, Asa Sauers and Andrea Isaacs. The vehicle was said to be owned by Lynch, who had made previous trips to the neighboring country.

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