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GDF No Gays in the Military Policy – Nov 5th 2012

The Society Against Sexual Orientation and Discrimination says it is paying close attention to the Government’s posture on revelations that two female soldiers were dismissed from the army because it was suspected that they were in a same sex relationship. The Guyana Defence Force has a strict No Gays in the military policy that many observers see as homophobic.

Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon was just last week, asked to comment on the issue since he  also serves as the Secretary to the Defence Board. Dr. Luncheon’s view was that the issue in the Guyana Defence Force should be seen as one that could support the argument for decriminalization of sex acts between same sexes.

But Opposition Leader David Granger who years ago served as a Commander in the Guyana Defence Force believes the policy ought to change. Speaking to Capitol News on the issue, Granger said from all reports the two fired women soldiers were never given a fair hearing and their dismissal must be questioned.

Granger who is a retired Brigadier said the Guyana Defence Force must remain a professional force at all times.

The GDF has been relatively silent on the issue since this newscast broke the story. The Chief of Staff Gary Best had told this newscast initially, that the army has a don’t ask don’t tell policy. That does not appear to be so when one goes through an the GDF’s Personnel policy which has an entire section examining the issue of homosexuality and encouraging ranks to report to their superiors if they find out or suspect anyone serving in the army to be trending the same sex way.  A number of groups have been critical of the GDF’s decision to fire the women.

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