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GAWU announces 5% increase – Nov 6th 2012

While NACCIE’s members remain on strike at GUYSUCO, GAWU is announcing a 5% and 1% increase across the board for its members.

GAWU president, Komal Chand told Capitol News, that 5% are for piece-rated workers and 1% is for time rated workers.

He said, that a job evaluation was done between GUYSUCO and GAWU and the adjustment to the rates were made.

According to Chand, the settlement must be seen against the production struggles of the sugar industry.

Chand said, that in addition to this increase, they were some adjustments in some of the benefits for the workers as well. He said, that the increase in time rated workers pay, was against the backdrop of an adjustment in their pay by an average of approximately 34%.

Skeldon Sugar factory, which was touted as one of the main pillars of the industry, is still struggling to live up to its full potential.

In fact, Chand believes that the industry is doing very bad.

The projected target for this crop is 241,000 tons of sugar and the sugar corporation seems well on track to achieve that target.

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