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Four remain in custody for Marlon ‘Trini’ Osborne’s murder

Police investigators are grilling four persons that they believe can assist them in their investigation into the murder of Marlon ‘Trini’ Osborne.

Trini was shot multiple times by unknown gunmen who opened fire on his vehicle in Queenstown on Wednesday. Trini was said to be connected to the drug underworld and was named as a close associate of murdered businessman, Ricardo Rodrigues.

Eyewitnesses claimed, that when the gunmen pounced on Osborne and began shooting indiscriminately, bullets shattered the glass window of the nearby private school. What is troubling about the shooting, is that it came days after Osborne was arrested by the police for questioning in the murder of Rodrigues. There are reports that Trini was one of the businessman’s main bodyguards, but was missing in action on the day of the murder of Rodriques.

Trini is no stranger to the law. A few years back he was arrested in Buxton when he and two others were found in a car with guns and ammunition.

The police are also checking the spent shell retrieved from the scene to see if the weapons used in Trini’s execution are connected to any recent crimes.

The police investigations are ongoing.

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