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Attorney Nigel Hughes returns to Linden Commission of Inquiry

After walking out on the Linden Commission of Inquiry yesterday, Attorney-at-Law, Nigel Hughes, returned this afternoon to sum up his case before the Commission. All the tension that existed in the Commission hearing on Thursday no longer existed, as Hughes in beginning his summation, said, he never intended to offend the Commission or the witness by his statement yesterday.

Hughes quickly got down to business to make the point that it was the police who did the shooting at Linden.

The attorney pointed to the fact that not a single witness testified about seeing anyone else but the police with a weapon that day.

Attorney Basil Williams in his summation just before Hughes made similar points and said it was quite clear that there was an attempt to derail the protest from day 1.

Williams said, what took place at Linden on July 18 will never be forgotten, a tragic incident on a most peaceful day, he said.

The attorneys will provide the Commission with written submissions over the next 3 weeks. The Commissioners will be back in January to address the issue of compensation and their report should come just after then.

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