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Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee returns to the stand of Linden Commission of Inquiry

Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee, was this morning grilled by Attorney, Basil Williams, about his competence as the Minister responsible for security in the country. Attorney Basil Williams, representing the interests of the APNU in the Linden Commission of Inquiry, quizzed the Minister about what he said, were the failures to develop a better Police Force.

Home Affairs Minister Rohee was asked several times about his knowledge about what was taking place at Linden on July 18th. Rohee denied having knowledge of a lot that was going on.

Williams’ contention was that the Government and the Minister wanted to derail the Linden protests on its first day and it was all part of a grand plan.

The Home Affairs Minister was also asked questions about what steps the Ministry of Home Affairs has put in place to stem police killings in the country. Williams made specific reference to the recent police killings of Shaquille Grant at Agricola and Dameon Belgrave at Hadfield Street.

Williams pointed out to the Minister that in many of the police killings, the Guyana Police Force would never locate warheads in the bodies that would point to police guns. He said the police would take control of the bodies after a police killing and the Government pathologist who works under the police. The Minister said development of the Police Force is a work in progress. One of the Commissioners asked the Minister what are the minimum qualifications to become a police officer, Rohee said, 5 cxc subjects. Attorney Williams interjected that the reality is, the Police Force asks for a primary education as its minimum qualifications needed to become a police officer. The Minister during the break said he consulted with the Police Commissioner and learnt that 3 cxc subjects are the requirement.

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