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Guyana Government no longer purchasing pirated texts

The Government has had a change of heart on the Textbooks issue and it has gotten more than it had bargained for. Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon at his weekly post Cabinet press briefing said, that Government approaches to the publishers has caused the Government to get big discounts. In fact, one Government official said, the discounts are so big in some instances they are causing their heads to spin.

The representatives of the UK-based publishers had moved to the courts here several weeks ago and were granted an injunction to stop Government from buying Pirated copies of the Original texts. As a consequence, after being summoned to court as a result of that action one of the local distributors had publicly said, they would discontinue the sale of pirated texts.

Government had said then, that its only priority had been cost driven in order to ensure each public school child have access to the texts. But even with the massively discounted prices Government says it still will not be able to meet the full requirements of the schools.

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