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Marlon ‘Trini’ Osborne gunned down in Queenstown, Georgetown

Hours after he was gunned down, the bodyguard of controversial businessman, Ricardo Rodrigues; Marlon ‘Trini’ Osborne, was wheeled into the hospital morgue. He was shot several times about the body by gunmen who opened fire on his car in Queenstown. The drive-by shooting occurred in Laluni Street just around 13:30 hrs this afternoon.

Osborne, 33, was rushed to the Georgetown  Hospital Emergency Unit and was transferred to the theatre for emergency surgery, but he subsequently died, while receiving medical attention.

Osborne had a few brushes with the law and only recently he was held for questioning in the murder of alleged drug dealer, Ricardo Rodrigues. Osborne was said to be one of Ricardo Rodrigues’ main bodyguards, but was missing in action at the time of the shooting of the businessman a few days ago. Rodrigues was slain while sitting outside the Pit Stop Restaurant and Bar in the compound of the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club Headquarters, at Albert Street, Thomas Lands.

Trini’s death came just days after  the mysterious death of Canadian, Jean Le Blanc, who was shot during the attack on Rodrigues. Le Blanc was said to be recovering from a gunshot wound he received when he died mysteriously at the Georgetown Hospital.

At the scene in Queenstown, police were examining the bullet riddled vehicle. A number of spent shells were recovered from the scene as the police continue their investigation.

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