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Nursing Assistant testifies against police at Linden Commission of Inquiry

A young registered Nursing Assistant, Ron Allicock, testified today at the Linden Commission of Inquiry, telling the commission, that after the police opened fire on the crowd, he saw persons lifting an injured man. Being a health professional, he said, he checked the man’s pulse and upon realizing that there was still a heartbeat, he sought to get the man to the hospital by bodily carrying him on his shoulder while waving a white flag. The police kept on shooting in his direction he said and he used expletives at him.

Another witness testified today seeing the police firing directly at the crowd. He also told the commission that he noticed a police officer run past him and into a waiting police car with what appeared to be a gun in his hand.

At the Linden Commission of Inquiry hearing today, Head of the Police Force Tactical Services Unit, Senior Superintendent Lyndon Alves, was grilled by Commissioner KD Knight of Jamaica, about the operating procedures of the Tactical Services Unit and its decision to shoot at the crowd rather than in the air in its efforts to disperse the Linden Protestors.

The Commission is hoping to wrap up taking evidence from civilian witnesses by mid-week, as it continues with its work, probing the events at Linden on July 18th during the protest there against the electricity rate hike. 3 persons were shot dead as the police tried to clear the bridge of protesting Lindeners.

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