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Linden Commission wants Ammunition Dealership records

The Linden Commission of Inquiry today requested, that the Guyana Police Force provides it, with all the information and records regarding the ammunition that would be stored at the Tactical Services Unit for private authorized dealers. That request came after it was revealed to the commission by a police investigator, that there are authorized dealers that sell ammunition for the shotgun and those cartridges would be stored at the Police Tactical Services Unit.

Inspector Alexander also told the commission, that the investigators were unable to speak with all of the persons who were injured during the shooting incident at the Linden protests.

Later in the morning the Crime Chief, Seelall Persaud, took the stand and declared that from the investigations, it was not the police that shot the persons, and he based that solely on the fact that the police did not issue the double zero bullets, that persons were shot with, however, when he was pressed by one of the commissioners, he could not say when the force stopped issuing those specific bullets.

Inspector Alexander had testified that from the probe so far, no one other than the police were using weapons on the day at the bridge and no one other than the police was seen with shotguns.

Persaud on the stand today, also denied receiving several calls on july 18th from Senior Superintendent, Clifton Hicken. He said, the only call he got from Hicken was after 7pm. However, when provided with the phone records which showed a number of calls between his number and the number belonging to Hicken, Persaud said, he would not deny the records but he just can’t recall the calls.

Meanwhile the Crime Chief claimed, that all of the weapons used by the ranks on the day were loaded before they went out. But when shown a video of at least one rank loading his shotgun at the scene of the protest, he said, he would launch an investigation into that, since that would be against standard operating procedures. He too was asked to provide the records of the ammunition dealers in the country and the records of the ammunition they have stored at the TSU. The Crime Chief testified, that he does not know of any procedure employed by the police to decommission ammunition.

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