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Homosexuality could result in dismissal from GDF

On Monday when questioned by this newscast, Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force, Commodore Gary Best declared, that the Guyana Defence Force has a ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Policy, when it comes to same sex relationships involving members of the army. He said, as long as those persons do not breach the force’s Standard Operating Procedures, which cover conduct, the force would have no issue with them.

Capitol News has however, obtained the Personnel Policy of the Guyana Defence Force. That document is a classified one and covers the operations of the Guyana Defence Force, rules and regulations, guidelines and operating procedures.

In the document it states quite clearly that the Involvement in homosexual practices will normally result in discharge from the Force either by disciplinary or administrative procedure.

The Force’s guidelines calls on All Ranks to be discouraged from such practices and they are in no way to condone homosexual or other deviant acts which come to their notice and should report them to their superiors as a matter of priority. In particular, officers, warrant officers and Noncommissioned Officers are to be especially alert for attempts to involve young members of the Force.

It further states that Commanding Officers are to report details of all cases of actual or suspected homosexuality or other deviant behaviour to the Headquarters, which will advise whether disciplinary or administrative action is appropriate.

The issue of sexual orientation and the military has come to the front burner after a decision by the GDF to dismiss two female officers after they were seen on a cell phone video in sexually compromising positions. Capitol News now understands that there might be a move to review the decision after the reports on this newscast. The Chief of Staff had claimed that one of the young women was being counselled and was still on the payroll of the GDF. But other senior officers said both young women were given marching orders out of the force. The cell phone video was allegedly discovered by another soldier who found the phone of one of the female ranks and shared that video with other soldiers.

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