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SASOD investigates reports of the dismissal of the two female Guyana Defence Force ranks

The Society Against Sexual Orientation and Discrimination is investigating reports that two female Guyana Defence Force ranks have been dismissed, after cell phone video circulated on army bases of the two young women in sexually compromising positions, although, they were not on army time, at an army base or in military fatigue.  SASOD is expected to make some representation on behalf of the young women once it pulls all the facts together.

Capitol News first reported the story Monday evening and the Chief of Staff said, that one of the young women was still on the GDF’s payroll and the other one was being sought. He said, one of the young women was being counseled. But today, other senior army sources said the two young officers have been in fact dismissed and were never given a fair hearing. Sources say the force’s top brass was more concerned about embarrassment than anything else and made it clear that the force no longer see the two junior ranks as having any leadership or commanding abilities because of their private actions in their private homes.

Several officers of the Force are said to be upset over the decision to dismiss the two young women especially since they say the army has always been touting a no discrimination policy. One officer told Capitol News that senior officers have also been given the green light to randomly check the private phones of soldiers at their bases to ensure no pornographic material or material that could be seen as ponographic is on their phone. If found they could face disciplinary action.

The issue has raised questions about the Guyana Defence Force’s tolerance for persons who may be or want to be in same sex relationships. The Chief of Staff said the force has adopted a don’t ask don’t tell policy but remains concerned about the conduct of all of its members on and off the army bases.

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