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Guyanese Delegation representing Region 10 makes a short visit to the US.

The visit including calls on local and national politicians in the Tri-state area and in Washington DC, focused on the issues arising out of the crisis in Linden, but the main thrust of the trip was to bring Guyanese in the Diaspora, information on what is the way forward for region 10.

In his first visit to the United States, Regional Chairman of region 10, Sharma Solomon made an impassioned plea for those in the Diaspora to become more engaged with the events in the region particularly Linden, Kwakwani and Ituni. He said, the visit was to ensure that Guyanese and US citizens alike and their elected representatives, know that the democratic system in Guyana, particularly the local Government one is broken and needs to be fixed. He noted the distinct absence in region 10 of access to other sources of information via the electronic media and stated that this unconstitutional arrangement should not be allowed to continue.

The Regional Chairman shared the same views as another member of the delegation, Member of Parliament, Vanessa Kissoon, who pointed out in the various meetings, that the delegation had in the US, that the mechanisms must be put in place so that jobs can be created in the region.

Advisor to the delegation, former PNC General Secretary, Aubrey Norton, noted too, that education of the youth in the region must be priority so that the skills sets needed for job creation could be met. He and other members of the delegation pointed to the setting up of a mining school in the region, since not only is region ten a mining area, it is an important link to other mining communities.

Another purpose of the various meetings was to educate persons in the US about the recent protest action in Linden, the murder of three young men there during an attempt by the police to control the protests and the subsequent commission of inquiry now underway.

Attorney-at-Law and Chairman of the AFC, Nigel Hughes at the several meetings, pointed out that there has been contradictory testimony by some senior police officials on what happened in Linden and in addition to that, there is emerging evidence that since the persons only saw police shooting at them, there must be an explanation for the findings of the UK ballistics expert, who told the Commission of Inquiry, that a particular type of shotgun pellet killed the three men. The police have said, that they stopped issuing those pellets some time ago.

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