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‘Bad heart’ takes the stand of Linden Commission of Inquiry

In what must be considered the most dramatic testimony heading into this 4th week of hearings of the Linden Commission of Inquiry, Linden Municipal Councilor, Gordon Callendar, who is known as ‘Bad Heart’, took the stand and told the commission that he felt threatened by the actions and phone calls he received from then Linden Police Commander, Clifton Hicken. He testified that on the morning of July 18, the day of the protest, the commander and other policemen even scoped out his home stopping their vehicle in front of his yard.

He said at the protest the riot police came twice to the scene of the protest, the first time they asked the crowd to disperse but he said the 2nd time it was completely different. At that time too he said he saw Hicken at the scene with a gun wrapped up in newspaper.

When Police Attorney, Peter Hugh, questioned him about why he never complained to the Police Complaints Authority about the threats, he said, he did not know where those places were located and he held on to his report of seeing Hicken with a gun.

The commissioners questioned Callendar too about what exactly he saw and at one stage he told one of the commissioner not to try tying him up, referring to what he was saying.

When the police opened fire, ‘Bad heart’ testified, that it was like Baghdad, there was a blackout at the time and the police were just shooting and moving through. When he was asked why he did not detail everything that he saw on the day in his submitted statement, he said, with all that was happening in Linden at the time, he surely could not have put down everything word for word.

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