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Bodies of two missing policemen found

Police investigators found the bodies of the two policemen who went missing from their base in Region 8, late yesterday in the Kato area, in the same region and according to the police, investigators are now following reports that the two officers were hunted down and shot dead, after they had carried out a robbery on a group of Brazilian miners in the area.

Reports suggest that it was while the two policemen were hurrying away from the scene on their All Terrain Vehicle, that they were killed. One of the policemen was shot to the back. The other was apparently shot after being tied to a tree and set on fire.

Police investigators are said to be interviewing a number of miners in the area to unravel the murder case. The two policemen have been identified as constables Marlon Letlow and Ledon Aaron.

Letlow was charged 2 years ago in a Bartica double-murder case, for aiding and abetting. Relatives said, those charges against him were dismissed earlier this year and he was reinstated into the Police Force immediately and sent to the Region 8 area to work.

Relatives say, they want the truth of the matter to come out, since the Police Force has not been too clear with them. A relative of constable Marlon Letlow, said, at first, she was told it was an accident that killed the officers.

Capitol News understands, that relatives of the other policeman are furious that the force has not been forthcoming with them either and that they first learnt of the incident through the media.

One relative has complained that the young constable, Ledon Aaron, found himself taking charge of the police station in the area, because senior officers were absent. Additionally, the men were missing since Sunday, the Guyana Police Force only went into action mode on Wednesday, after reports surfaced that they were found dead.

The region 8 area is one of the areas where gold miners have been rushing to, with the boom in gold production and rising prices. There have been a number of cases of miners being attacked and in several instances killed and their gold stolen.  Gold miners have been pressing for increased security in the area.

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