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Linden Commission wants Doctor to appear

The Chairman of the Linden Commission of Inquiry has instructed that a Dr. Ramcharran from Linden, be brought before the commission, after a 61-year-old Linden woman, Janice Bergan, who testified that she was shot on the day of the protest also reported to the commission that she did 4 x-ray examination, but was told that the results of the first x-ray examination, which was done on the night of the incident, could not be found. She said, that missing document would be the one that shows that a bullet was lodged inside of her. The doctor’s medical report compiled by Dr. Ramcharran ,which was tendered to the commission, says no foreign objects were found in the woman’s body.

The commission may want the doctor to come forward and explain in detail his findings which could prove very interesting.
Earlier the woman testified that when the police began firing tear smoke and what appear to have been gunshots she saw a man collapse just in front of her. She said it was while she was running away from all that she was hit.

Ms. Bergan told the commission, that she is a seamstress by profession and because of the wound to her body she has not been able to work like she did before since she would still experience pains.

The medical reports being scrutinized will prove very interesting in the commission since at least one doctor who has submitted medical reports, was not on duty on the night of the incident, hospital and legal sources point out.

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