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Reputed husband stabs woman to death

The suspect in the brutal murder of Allison Bowen is receiving medical attention at GPHC after he ingested a poisonous substance. The  woman was stabbed multiple times about the body by her reputed husband in Goeverwagting on the East Coast of Demerara last night.

According to the woman’s relatives, it all started after she opted to end their abusive relationship of several years. The vicious assault was carried out in the presence of her sister and two children.

Relatives are reporting that the two had an argument earlier in the day and Allison had to leave the home for safety. On return, she was confronted by the suspect who whipped out a knife and began stabbing her, she attempted to run, but was cornered.

Her sister and her son were also stabbed after coming to her assistance; both are receiving medical attention at the GPHC.

Persons in and out of parliament have been pushing the administration to put systems in place to offer more protection to women who are trapped in abusive relationships.

Social groups like Red Thread and Help and Shelter, have been encouraging women to speak out against all forms of domestic abuse.

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