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Another Roger Khan associate Ricardo Rodrigues shot dead

Law enforcement agents both in Guyana and outside of the country who have followed the saga of alleged Roger Khan accomplices say, that it was bound to happen one day. The mystery now is “Who did it?” the agents also will pursue the “why?” and, the timing of the execution.

The execution of one of the first men to be named as an alleged drug trafficker in US court Documents, Ricardo Rodrigues, was not unexpected. He has always been able to maintain a distance from alleged illegal activities even though he has been identified as a known narcotics trafficker by some of the law enforcement agents in Guyana, in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

His recent high profile surrender following the discovery of a high powered arms and ammunition cache in Lethem, was his most recent brush with the law.

Going back several years to narcotics cases involving cocaine in chow mein and other commodities, Ricardo Rodrigues was listed in several US court documents in connection with these and other cases. His name featured prominently in the Sharwin Saigo, Nigel Rodney and Sharwin Lilly cases. Later he was linked to the Roger Khan drug enterprise.

His connection to the Shaheed Roger Khan criminal enterprise, was highlighted after the US authorities charged and placed on trial, Khan’s attorney Robert Simels. Confidential Witness, Selwyn Vaughn, went on the stand under oath and immunity and declared that Ricardo Rodrigues was a member of the organization. He was tied to some executions and murders in Guyana during a particularly violent period in the country when drugs, gangs and civil unrest struck at the very sinews of governance and law and order.

Rodrigues’ murder by elements so far unknown has joined the list of Khan’s associates who have either been brutally gunned down, mysteriously died or had serious life threatening incidents. One associate was beheaded in a most gruesome and unorthodox manner where the body turned up in one location and the head in another.

It is unclear based on the daring execution whether this one will go the way of all the others in the cold case files. Meanwhile the US named Ringleader  the Kingpin of the group, Shaheed Roger Khan, languishes in a Federal prison. He will probably emerge in seven years time to discover that all of the King’s servants and all of the King’s men are no longer around.

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