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Cheddi Jagan Airport security officials bust five Americans with cocaine in their crotch

In a matter of 24 hours, five American citizens were busted at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, with cocaine in a most unusual hiding area, in their crotch.

This morning four americans, two men and two women were busted, while being pat down at the internal scanner area at the Cheddi Jagan Airport, with small packets of cocaine stashed in their crotch. This morning’s busts came just a day after a 51-year-old American woman, was busted at the same Cheddi Jagan Airport with two packs of cocaine hidden in her crotch. In that case, security officials noticed a huge bulge while patting the woman down and decided to take a closer look. That closer look unearthed the illicit drug hidden.

The woman who came to Guyana a few days ago was scheduled to fly out on a Delta Airlines flight after spending some time at a Cambellville hotel.

The four who were busted this morning were also bound to wing out on a delta airlines flight.

Security authorities at the airport have been keeping their eyes on American citizens who have been flying into Guyana under the guise that they are tourists yet find themselves staying at some very unfamiliar hotels. In just 24 hours, five cocaine crotch carriers have been busted.

Security authorities believe too, that with an increase of busts at the local airport, the drug pushers will continue to find new ways to get the cocaine out. Just a few weeks back, two women were able to beat security here and take cocaine to the US, hidden under their wigs. They were busted upon their arrival in the US when authorities found their hairstyles a bit strange.

Before that case, cocaine was discovered in a suitcase already loaded on the aircraft and also in the flight stairs vehicle. There was also the case of cocaine being discovered in the snack packs for one of the airlines.

All of these cases popping up in just the past two months.

The US embassy in Georgetown continue to warn American citizens about the dangers of drug trafficking and the jail time attached to the illegal act. For a number of years, American citizens have found themselves coming to these shores to become drug mules. And age is not an issue.

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