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Luncehon ready to rumble with opposition over Rohee

That midnight ultimatum set by the Alliance for Change for Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee, to demit office has passed and the Government does not appear too bothered by threats coming from the two opposition parties. Both the APNU and the AFC have been pressing the administration to get rid of the Home Affairs Minister, pointing their displeasure to a number of recent incidents to have taken place in the police force which his Ministry is ultimately responsible for.

Today the Government’s chief spokesman, Dr. Roger Luncheon said, after serving the administration for all of its 20 years in office, there is no plan to let Rohee go.

The opposition just before parliament went into recess, used their majority in the National Assembly to pass a no confidence motion in the Home Affairs Minister. It was the first time that such a motion had been passed. Rohee refused to resign and the President said he had no intention of firing him. As for Dr, Luncheon,  the administration’s response to all the controversy and the calls for Rohee to go could be summed up in a song.

The opposition maintain that Rohee is not suitable for the office of Home Affairs Minister and ought to be removed. They intend to continue to press on with their efforts and could institute a long period of non-cooperation with the Minister and the Government over the issue.

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