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21-year-old shot dead outside Fish Shop

The shooting death of 21-year-old Dameon Belgrave just outside the fish shop on the eve of his birthday Friday night, is once again renewing focus on the way the police carry out operations and whether they are trained enough.

Belgrave was standing with friends in the crowded fish shop area when two gunshots rang out from a party of policemen and Belgrave fell to the ground. His friends ducked for cover. When they checked on him, they were left speechless after realizing that he had been shot.

The police officers had been chasing behind this white motor car that was being driven by a 15-year-old boy. The boy who had 3 other friends in the car has been quoted as saying that he drove to the crowded area because he was afraid of what the police would do to him, had he stopped in a dark and desolate area. When he stopped on the busy thoroughfare, he ran out of the vehicle, the police apparently opened fire behind him.

One of those shots hit Belgrave who was standing about 30 meters away with his friends and another shot hit the car he was standing next to. When news of the death of the young man got to relatives they rushed down to the Georgetown hospital where they wept openly crying out for justice and asking why would the police open fire in a crowded area.

The police arrested the other occupants of the car they were chasing after and the underage driver who had made good his escape turned himself over to the police on Saturday morning in the company of his attorney. They were all kept in custody all weekend and were placed on an ID parade although they were not linked to any criminal activity.

The Police officers implicated in the shooting have all been placed under close arrest as a probe gets underway into the incident.
Dameon Belgrave who was killed was getting ready to celebrate his 22nd Birthday on Saturday. Relatives and friends describe him as a very humble young man. He worked and lived in the Lethem area and only recently came down to the city to be with relatives and friends for his birthday.

Just last month another youth, Agricola teen Shaquille Grant, was shot dead when the police opened fire in a yard where he and some friends were hanging out. Grant was also shot on the eve of his birthday. 3 police officers were charged with his murder. Only one of them appeared in court, the other 2 had already gone into hiding and have not been seen since.

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