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Senior Superintendent, Clifton Hicken returned to the stand as Linden Commission of Inquiry continued

It was back on the witness stand this morning for Senior Superintendent, Clifton Hicken, as the Linden Commission of Inquiry continued. Superintendent Hicken, tried again, to distance himself from instructions given to the Tactical Services Unit. Faced by a barrage of questions from Attorney Nigel Hughes, Hicken denied knowing the cell phone numbers for the Home Affairs Minister and the direct office line for the Minister at his Home Affairs Ministry office. Hicken testified however, that the Commissioner of Police never authorized the use of shot guns. But he admitted giving instructions to Assistant Superintendent, Patrick Todd, who was in charge of the TSU ranks, to use tear smoke and shot guns. He also admitted giving instructions to a Police Sergeant, who was under his control to use shotguns. He said, what he was really doing, was reminding the TSU Commander of the force’s Standard Operating Procedures.

Hicken was then quizzed about the Commissioner of Police and Assistant Superintendent Todd and asked whether they were honest policemen.

He was later questioned about a conversation he had with Assistant Superintendent Todd, when he arrived in Linden, about the amount of stores they walked with to Linden, referring to ammunition and firearms. Hicken denied having that conversation.

But later when Assistant Superintendent Todd took the stand, he admitted that the conversation did take place.

Hicken again denied today, that he spoke to the Home Affairs Minister on the day in question even after it was put to him that there were at least 10 phone calls between the two. The Commissioners also quizzed Hicken about whether the lives of the policemen ever came under threat.

Superintendent Hicken was the commander of the E and F division at the time of the Linden incident. He has since been removed from the area. He could be called again before the Commissionto do some explanation as the hearing progresses.

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