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Mother and two sons found with their throats slit

Jennifer Persaud and her two sons, were found with their throats slit, on a bed, in their Anna Catherina home, on the West Coast of Demerara. The mother of six was described by family members as very hardworking, smart and having  good business sense. The shocking discovery has rocked the community and left the family baffled as to the motive and  the person  behind this dreadful act.

Her children spoke with Capitol News today, and they told us about frequent fighting within the home, between the woman and her reputed husband. They are of the opinion, that there  was  more than one person involved since in their view, Jennifer would not  have  gone  down so easily.

The woman’s reputed husband and the father of her 17-month-old son Jadon, was taken into police custody. The incident occurred late Saturday night. The woman operated a business at her home and according to relatives, Saturday would normally be her busy day, but on that day, the doors to the business were  closed.

The family had some advice for women who are reluctant to leave their abusive relationships.

West Demerara police investigators are checking for clues and possible motives for the gruesome act. The family are hoping that the police can get to the bottom of the story and bring charges against those who are involved.

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