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Parent and relatives of slain teen picketed outside Police Commissioner one day after burial

Just one day after laying her young son to rest, Shonnet Adams, returned with relatives and picket signs  outside the office of the Police Commissioner, pleading for justice for the police slaying of her 17-year-old son. The young man was shot dead last week in Agricola by a police squad, who claimed, that they were in the area after hearing of a crime being planned. The  unarmed teenager was shot 3 times to his body, including a shot to his head. It was the eve of his 18th birthday.

Today his mother said, she is still trying to hold up, but just can’t help coming out to protest as she awaits charges to be laid against the officers who were involved in the shooting death.

The Police officers fingered in the shooting refused to be part of an identification parade. Three other young men were there when the 17-year-old was gunned down by the police, one of those teenagers was shot also, but survived. The other 2 were arrested an eventually released without being charged for any crime. With the police officers fingered in the killing refusing to be part of an identification parade, the dead teenager’s mother said she now wants to know who is really in charge of the police force.

Last week when the Police Commissioner came out of his office to meet with the protesting relatives, he said, it appears that the young man was in the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s rubbish relatives and friends of the young man say. The young man’s grandfather said, he wants to know where would be the right place and the right time if not in your own village in your own back yard.

The Crime Chief on Tuesday said, the investigators were trying to ascertain which one of the shots the teen sustained was the fatal one. That excuse is not going down well with relatives who believe all 3 of the policemen who fired shots should be charged for the murder of the unarmed Agricola teen.

The young man was shot to his left side chest, his buttocks and the middle of his head. He was still alive after being shot to the left side chest. The eyewitnesses said it was then that one of the officers walked up and shot the young man straight to the head leaving his body lifeless. Through their attorneys, they have identified that police officer and that’s the reason why they are not buying the explanations and excuses coming from the police force right now with regard to the investigations.

Meanwhile a senior official of the Guyana Defence Force is not too impressed with the way the police has been handling the investigations into the Agricola incident, as well as the probe into the shooting at Linden. The army official said the police force is sounding and looking very weak from the very top and ought to come clean with what really happened and move ahead with the charges since in their opinion the force is well aware of who did the killing.

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