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Two spectacular drug busts at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport on Sunday

Two spectacular drug busts at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport on Sunday, brought home the point that drug traffickers may not be letting up in their relentless efforts to get cocaine out of Guyana through the country’s main International Airport. At least eight airport staffers were pulled off the job and taken into custody just around 2 o’ clock Sunday morning, when 55 pounds of cocaine with an estimated street value of over 50 million dollars, was discovered in a suitcase already packed away in the cargo hold of an Omni Jet aircraft, being operated by Caribbean airlines.

The Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit may have gotten wind of the effort to get the drugs out and just as the aircraft was pulling out from the gate to taxi the runway in preparation for take off, CANU requested that the flight be put on hold and the aircraft returned to the gate. When that was done, CANU pulled all of the bags off the aircraft and decided to carry out a search. It was then, that the pricy illicit cargo was found comfortably stashed among other suitcases. CANU and the Police immediately moved to arrest a number of airport staffers and take them in for questioning. From all appearances the drug-laden suitcase was not checked in but was rather, taken to the back of the airport, pass all the layers of security through some other point. There have been at least 5 other similar cases over the past few months.

Just as the 8 persons pulled in as part of the probe into that bust were being questioned, CANU moved in just hours later and busted 2 blocks of cocaine weighing over 5 pounds stashed on the inside of one of the vehicles used for transferring the flight stairs to the aircraft. The driver was taken into custody.

In a matter of 5 hours, CANU had pulled in 60 pounds of cocaine at the same airport and now the probe is expected to cover all angles to figure out just who may be really be getting the cocaine pass security check points, without being noticed immediately.

Head of CANU, James Singh, today said, the investigation is a widespread one that is not restricted to any one group or company.

He is confident that his agency has been doing its work and confident too, that the drug trafficking efforts may no longer be eyeing any one part of the airport.

The Sunday drug busts come even as one security company at the airport has launched its own Commission of Inquiry to get to the bottom of a recent bust involving one of its agents who has since been charged.

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