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David Granger calls for thorough investigation into shooting death of 17-year-old Agricola teen

Opposition Leader, David Granger, is calling on the police to begin a thorough investigation into the shooting death of the 17-year-old Agricola teen, Shaquille Grant.

In fact, Granger wants those who are involved in the shooting incident, to be interdicted. Ganger was speaking during a visit to the crime scene, and with the family of the victim in Agricola Yesterday. He said that from information gathered about the shooting incident, it is clear that the lives of the lawmen were not threatened.

Shaquille Grant would have celebrated his 18th birthday, but his life was cut short in what the police are saying was an exchange of gunfire. Residents in the community  differ and said it was the police that was doing all the shooting.

Grant was reportedly shot in the face and the chest when the police confronted him and a group of friends. Residents in the area said that a group of young men were liming under a shed in Third Street, when the police came up from the Alley in Second Street and started shooting.

Shonette Adams, mother of the dead teen, said that police needs to come with a better story than the one which is currently presented to the press.

 She said for too long the police when involved in a confrontation, always manage to kill the persons whom they call suspects.

Agricola has always been on the police radar in their crime fight. Residents in the community said that the police in some instances are very unprofessional in their conduct of their duties.

The residents spoke of the frequent harassment of young men in the community by the law men.

In addition to the death of Grant and the injury to another young man, who is nursing a gunshot wound and is receiving medical attention, the police have also detained two other persons.

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