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17-year-old shot to death by Police in Agricola

The police and Agricola residents are giving two different versions of the shooting death of 17-year-old Shaquille Grant.

Grant was reportedly shot in the face and the chest in what the police are saying was a confrontation, but residents in the area said that  the group of young men were liming under a shed in Third Street, Agricola, when the police came up from the alley in Second Street and started shooting.

For security reasons the residents were reluctant to go on camera.

Grant’s mother said she heard of the shooting in the community and began inquiring about her son only to find out that he was dead. She said what is worrying, is that the police once again claims that her son was in possession of a weapon and there was a confrontation, but the woman is not buying that story. His grandfather also expressed similar sentiments.

Another young man was also injured in the shooting and he is now receiving medical attention at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Residents in the community are calling on the police to be more professional in the conduct of their duties. They spoke of the frequent harassment of young men in the community.

In addition to the death of Grant and the injury to another young man, Capitol News understands that the police arrested two other young men as they continued their investigations into the matter.

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