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Commissioners will only draw conclusions from the evidence of the Linden shooting says Wolfe

Jamaican Lensley Wolfe, who has been a judge for some forty years, chairs the Commission of Inquiry. He made it clear that the Commissioners would only draw their conclusions from the evidence put forward before them, and nothing else.

The Commission of Inquiry has been set up to inquire into and report on the circumstances surrounding the shooting to death of Ivan Lewis, Ron Sommerset and Shemroy Boyea on July 18. The three Lindeners were killed at the start of what turned out to be a month long protest against electricity rate hikes in the town.

The rules under which the Commission would carry out its work would be finalized once former Chancellor Cecil Kennard is sworn in. Kennard is out of the country and should be back next week.

Secretary to the Commission, Attorney Ronald-Burch Smith said that the Commission is anxious to get its work done in a timely manner, given the political and social issues.

Within a few days, advertisements would go out, inviting persons to come forward and give any statements they wish to make. Lawyers would be on hand in Georgetown and at a Linden sub-office to help persons write their statements, if they so wish. From those statements, the Commissioners will decide who they will invite to testify before them, and they will be careful to ensure that they get the truth out of those witnesses.

One of the responsibilities of the Commission is to make recommendations for compensation where necessary for injury, loss or damage as a consequence of the events of July 18.

The Commission has as one of its responsibilities to determine if the Minister of Home Affairs gave any specific or general instructions to the Police Force immediately, before, during and immediately after the events of July 18. To get that question answered, the Commissioners did not rule out having to question the Commissioner of Police, Leroy Brummel, and the Minister himself.  The Commissioner says that they will also call, if necessary, ranks of the Police force who were on the ground at the time. The Commission has to determine whether the shooting to death of the three LIndeners was done by the Police and to determine who gave the order to fire and whether the Police had justification to use lethal force at the scene.

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