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Unions representing City Hall workers met with the Ministry of Labour to end the impasse

The unions representing City Hall workers today met with the Ministry of Labour as the Ministry tries to end the impasse.

However, before that meeting, head of the implementation committee at City Hall, Keith Borrowes, met with the unions at the Regency hotel. Borrowes took a decision to listen to the grievances of the union with the hope of ending the industrial action.

The workers are represented by the GLU and the Guyana Local Government Officers Union.  They spoke of the disregard for the union by the Town Clerk. In addition, they say that there is mystery surrounding the so-called officer’s deposit, which is deducted from the pay of workers at the rate of 4% per annum. The unions say but unclear where the monies are going. Further, the workers are complaining about the untimely payment of salaries.

The unions are saying they want things to be done in a decent way at City Hall.

Borrowes made a pitch to the union to hold off the industrial as he tries to charter a way forward with the authorities. But the unions were clear that they have an agreement with the administration of City Hall and will only withdraw when such a meeting is held.

Borrowes said that the strike action is hurting the work of the implementation committee. He said that there are two major problems at City Hall: one; the administrative problems and two; the treatment of the union members, hence the industrial action.

While all this is taking place the garbage keeps piling up all around the city. Borrowes believes that this industrial action will defeat the recently launched clean up exercise.

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