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Latest United States report on Human Trafficking pointed to the Mining Sector

Almost annually Guyana has been slammed by the United States for not doing enough to tackle the problem of Trafficking in Persons. The lastest US report on Human Trafficking pointed to the mining sector and young girls and women being used in that sector for trafficking purposes. It’s a worrying trend that many in the mining districts have been speaking about. Well now the Ministry of Natural Resources which overlooks the mining sector is getting ready to launch an aggressive drive to clamp down on that problem. Natural Resources Minister Robert Persaud, zeroed in on trafficking in persons as one of the problems facing the mining industry today. And at this past weekend’s observance of Pork Knocker’s Day he made clear his Ministry’s zero tolerance on the issue.

The Human Services Ministry and the Home Affairs Ministry have been working together over the years to address the problem. Now with help coming from the Natural Resources Ministry, the issue is making its way back to the front burner.
There are several other issues affecting the mining sector that should be focused on.

The mining sector is Guyana’s leading natural resources sector and is responsible for the bulk of earnings from all the local sectors. The government has said while it welcomes the role mining plays, mining should be done with the environment in mind.

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