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Town clerk wants PRO of City Hall to go

The GLGOU, the union that represents City Hall workers, is threatening industrial action if the decision to send the Royston King public relations officer of City Hall on leave is not rescinded by the Town Clerk.

The Town Clerk Carol Sooba has written to King instructing him to immediately proceed on his remaining leave of 21 days, with effect from 27th of August.

King will be handing over his duties to Valarie Clarke-Chichester, Assistant Town Clerk. At a press briefing today the  union said that the Town Clerk cannot unilaterally instruct the Public Relations Officer to go on leave.

The police are currently investigating  financial irregularities at City Hall and the new Town Clerk has promised to turn off the many difficulties facing the municipality she pointed to downsizing as one of the top priorities.

The union is against Sooba’s appointment as Town Clerk, a decision that was not agreed on by the council, neither they say, is the decision to send King on leave.

In the meantime the union is telling King to stay put as they vowed to have that decision reversed.

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