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President Donald Ramotar made his final push into the mining town of Linden under heavy security.

With most of the roads cleared, President Donald Ramotar made his final push into the mining town of Linden under heavy security.

The visit came just two days before the one month anniversary of the start of the Linden protests and the shooting death of 3 of the Linden protestors. The President had always said he would only visit the protesting community when the roads were cleared. But from all appearances Lindeners protested the President’s visit by staying in their homes and away from the meeting at the Watooka guest house. Under 50 persons attended that first meeting and the President told those gathered that he had always wanted to visit the community. He spoke about the discussions with region 10 officials saying that some agreements have already been made.

Presidential advisor Gail Tixiera who formed part of the President’s delegation announced that the government and the region 10 officials had reached an agreement on members of the technical team tasked with reviewing the government’s plan to increase the cost for electricity in the town.

One Linden resident at the meeting told the President that he could have avoided all that happened in the town over the past we weeks had he visited much earlier.

There were also concerns raised about the lack of consultation before government’s decision to impose the new tariffs.

The President and his team repeatedly made it clear that the increased rates were now on hold.

Businessman and former Linden Mayor Stan Smith who is a member of the chamber of commerce in the town spoke about their efforts to bring the situation to an end saying there must always be dialogue.

The meeting lasted for just over an hour and ended with the President promising to return.

President Ramotar and his team following the Watooka house meeting travelled to some of the areas where e protests took place. His first stop was the Mackenzie Wismar bridge he viewed the ashes of the buildings that were gutted by fire just nearby.

Some residents who had gathered closely wasted no time to let their voices be heard even as the presidential entourage pulled off.

At Wismar the Peesident reached as far as the half mile area where he went across to meet with a few persons who had Gathered to protest. They expressed their views openly.

Some persons gathered along the roadside and from their colorful language expressed their displeasure at the late visit by the President.

At Mackenzie the President stopped to meet with some other persons who had gathered even as a music system blasted songs of resistance.

From there and under even more security presence the team visited the Bonsai Bauxite Company where officials spoke to them about the impact of the protest action on the company over the past few weeks.

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