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Management at the Cheddi Jagan Airport to once again conduct its own investigation into a drug bust

Management at the Cheddi Jagan Airport has decided once again to conduct its own investigation into a drug bust at the airport. Early last week 50 pounds of cocaine was found stashed in one of those baggage carts that would take the bags from the security check points to the airport. The bust was made by CANU and police at the airport in the presence of airline security employees. Now the airport management has decided to begin pulling the passes for some of the employees of the private airline security firm who were on duty on the night of the bust although they may have had nothing to do with the cocaine shipment itself.

The security pass for a senior employee of one of the security firms has already been pulled and the company that employee worked with at the airport is not happy about that. Sources close to the company said they are responsible for going through the contents of selected pieces of suitcases before they are checked in and screened. Once they do the checks of the passengers on the manifest and the bags, the airlines and airport security including CANU and the police take over from then.

The source explained that at the airport there are various security parameters and they cannot understand why some employees who would have had no contact with the bags and who do not go beyond that first check point would be punished for what happens on the airport runway.

When the bag was found stashed in the baggage cart, it had no check in tag meaning it was never searched or checked in by airline officials. The bag may have never been in the check in point of the airport at all, an official pointed out making it clear that there is a sophisticated scanner in the check in area and another one beyond the check in area that the bag would have had to pass through before making its way into a baggage cart. There are a number of security agents that would have had to come in contact with the bag before it would have been passed on to the cart.

Additionally there are sniffer dogs at the airport. Capitol News has learnt that the security company which works along with the airline is wary of the issue and sources there say they cannot understand why the airport would be conducting its own probe and deciding whose bags ought to be pulled even after those persons would have been cleared by CANU and the police and it would have been verified that they would not have had any contact with the bag.

This is not the first time that the airport management has taken it upon itself to carry out its own probe and take action without evidence. Some security companies at the airport believe the airport security that overlook all those surveillance cameras should be made to explain how with all of these busts, the cameras never appear to capture anything that could stand up to scrutiny.

There was a case where a bag containing drugs was found stashed on the inside fence of the airport close to the runway aback of the airport.

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