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25-year old Linden man shot to the face when a group of policemen attempted to question him

Some police officers who are a part of that operation final push in the town of Linden may be making up rules and forcing residents to comply with them. A number of young men in the community especially at the Wismar shore have complained that they are being harassed by the police for walking on the road after sunset although there is no curfew in place.

Last evening a 25 year old man who was walking home was shot to the face and badly injured when a group of policemen attempted to question him. The man’s relatives said he had just left his home to return a friends bicycle and was returning home when he noticed he was being followed by a vehicle. He suspected it was police but continued to walk away and eventually started to run when they gave chase. The police opened fire and he was shot to the face and also received other injuries to his back.

Nurses at the Mackenzie Hospital said the man was just dropped off there by the police who sped out of the compound, never to return. The man remains a patient at the hospital.

The situation in the town remains very tense as residents continue to complain about how they are being treated by members of the joint services.

Today AFC Leader Khemraj Ramjattan said the government which has put a hold on talks with region 10 officials clearly does not want to bring the issues at linden to a resolution.

Ramjattan also spoke out against the Guyana Police force for still not moving to file charges against the policeman or policemen who are responsible for the shooting death of the 3 protestors on the first day of the protest when the police opened fire to clear a crowd at the bridge. Over 20 other persons received gunshot wounds also.

The Guyana police force just on Tuesday filed charges against some of the protestors for various offences including indecent language but continues to dodge questions about the investigation into the shooting deaths at Linden.

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