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AFC leader Khemraj Ramjattan is urging Lindeners to resist provocation.

As the Linden crisis deepens AFC leader Khemraj Ramjattan believes that the ruling party will try to use the developments for political mileage.

Ramjattan is urging Lindeners to resist the provocation.

Ramjattan is of the view that the delay to implement agreed decisions by the government is to provoke what occurred a few decades ago. Ramjattan is still holding out that the President should meet the people on the ground, but President Ramotar is saying that he will not visit the community until the roads are clear and normalcy is restored.

The AFC leader is of the opinion that the government is using what he describes as state agents to create confusion.

The crisis at Linden is entering its 5th week as the residents continue to reject the imposed tariff increases. The residents are saying that the government needs to address the unemployment and other issues affecting the community.

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  • Robespiere

    Just like Mr. Ramjattan, I can’t prove anything; but I’m convinced that PPP agents are at work in Linden. Everybody knows that Lindeners want to see the back of NCN, and an end to the consistent peddling of lies in their community. If they wanted to burn, NCN might have been their first target, not a damn school. These PPP people are devious. Its not beyond them to burn and lay the blame at the doorsteps of the Opposition.


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