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President says Private Sector doesn’t run his office

Just one day after Members of the Private Sector affected by the Linden protests issued a unanimous call for the President to head to Linden and meet with protesting residents there, the President doesn’t appear to be budging from his position that he will not go there as long as the roads remain blocked and the protests continued. In fact today he brushed aside the Private Sector’s call by saying that the sector does not run his office.

The President over the past few days has been dodging questions on the Linden situation even as members of the business sector and other sectors call on the government to meet with the people on the ground and begin to address their concerns and demands. At a meeting yesterday, members of the Private Sector Commission made that clear.

Today marked Day 23 of the Linden protests and for just as long the President, his cabinet and other senior government officials have all stayed away from the bauxite town, refusing to go and listen to the concerns of the protesting Lindeners. Instead the President dispatched an open letter to the people of Linden in yesterday’s newspapers. That letter has not quelled the concerns of the town’s citizens as some have expressed disappointment over the wording of that letter. The AFC said the President needed to be on the ground in the town.

Tomorrow there will be another round of meetings here in the city between government officials and officials from region 10 over the ongoing situation.

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