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Army Dumps flyers over Linden

And even as the President stays away, the joint services today used the services of one of the army’s helicopters to dump pamphlets over Linden calling on residents to join with them to ensure the safety and security of their community.

Residents say it was a scene reminiscent of what they saw in war time movies and on news related to the Middle East as the army’s chopper flew very low over their homes and over the areas blocked and the flyers like this one were being released. The GDF has not said what is behind the latest move but it may mark the beginning of another move by the joint services to clear the blocked roads at Linden. Capitol News understands that this evening the Joint Services are pulling together additional troops to head into the town to clear the roads and take control of the situation in the bauxite town.

Army sources told Capitol News that soldiers have been brought in from outlying areas and are being dispatched from the army’s camp Stephenson camp. The Linden protests have been ongoing for close to 4 weeks now.

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