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Private Sector calls on President to visit Linden

Some Members of the Private Sector whose businesses and investments in the interior are being affected by the ongoing protests at Linden gathered at the Georgetown Club under the umbrella of the Private Sector Commission to voice their worry over the ongoing problem and what they believe ought to be done to quell the situation.

They spoke openly and frankly about the impact the Linden protest was having on their businesses. Many of them use Linden to access interior locations and with the roads at Linden blocked, they have been cut off and they’re not happy about that.

Two messages were clear throughout the meeting, the issue needed to be addressed by the government and the President needs to travel to Linden to meet with the residents and listen to their concerns.

Several sectors including the mining and forestry sectors are feeling the squeeze of the Linden protests.

The Private sector was encouraged to also look at the concerns of Lindeners and whats  really worrying them.

APNU Member Aubrey Norton who is a part of the Region 10 delegation that has been meeting with the President on the issue today at press conference said the concerns of Lindeners are real and while businesses complain about how they are being affected, Linden does not benefit from those businesses and their investments.

The BOSAI bauxite company said it stands to be affected more than any other business in the country. So far the company has been unable to fulfil bauxite orders as the Linden protests entered a 4th week and operations have come to a standstill.

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