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Amerindian Leaders asks for evidence of Human Trafficking

“Where’s the evidence?” That is the question being posed by the chairperson of the national Toashaos council Yvonne Pearson to claims that human trafficking remains a big issue in many hinterland and Amerindian communities.

Over the past number of years, the United States in its human trafficking report has highlighted the problem in many mining communities in the hinterland. Today the head of the Toashaos council which overlooks the concerns of Amerindian communities said she is still to see the evidence to support the claims by the US.

The Human Services Ministry and the Government of Guyana would criticize the US report every time that report is released saying that the US would not do enough work on the ground to investigate claims. The US says Guyana remains a country where there is human trafficking especially of young girls and women. Ms. Pearson said in some cases, not all that’s reported may be human trafficking.

While Guyana would always come out against the report and has even been compiling its own report, the Jamaican government has issued a call for caricom to deal head on with the issue of human trafficking and not turn a blind eye to the scourge.

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