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Solomon explains his Decision to ask the PSC to leave

The Chairman of Region 10, Sharma Solomon is saying that it was never really a denial to have the Private Sector Commission at any meeting about the situation in Linden but that the talks between the President and his team were ongoing and to have the PSC in would have changed the tone:

In a statement issued Tuesday the Private Sector Commission appeared miffed and questioned the wisdom of Solomon and others from the AFC and APNU in objecting to the presence of selected members of PSC at the talks with President Ramotar.
The PSC went on to refer to the AFC and APNU leaders as a few stating that “We should not confine our discourse on national issues to the political will of a few”. Solomon says that statement does not reflect the reality on the ground:

But the PSC Chairman Ronald Webster explained that any reference to a “few” must be read in the context that the PSC simply wanted to encourage, what he called, a multi-sectoral approach that does not focus on either the Government or the Opposition. Webster added, in reference to the current arrangement that it speaks to a political approach and not to one that is open to the views of all stakeholders.

Solomon says that he and his team and the people of Linden and Region Ten would welcome all stakeholders being involved and that essentially is why the people are out there because they were not really consulted and involved initially.

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