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Government tries to get budget money back

Well if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. The Government moved to the national assembly today with supplementary budget papers seeking some of that money that the opposition cut from the budget. The administration is seeking the opposition’s support. In the Guyanese version of “Pork Barrel Politics”, the PPPC Administration cognizant of the opinion of the court that the Ethnic Relations Commission should be funded decided to throw in all those monies that were thrown out by the Majority in the National Assembly.

The Majority had thrown out the funding to line items like the NCN and GINA plus money for the sections of OP funding. All of those items are back before the Majority for approval along with allocations for the pension increases that the opposition pushed for and approved. APNU Shadow Finance Minister Carl Greenidge said the government still needs to clarify a lot although the old age pension increases will receive support.

The Budgetary cuts have been a bone of contention for awhile as both the Minority Government and the Majority in the National Assembly haggled over who can cut what. The matter reached the High Court that essentially indicated that it was really a matter to be solved within the National Assembly. The court was of the opinion that the Majority has to approve or disapprove the Budget and could not cut line items.

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