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Caribbean Airlines Crash Probe ongoing

One year after that Caribbean Airlines crash at the Cheddi Jagan airport, a final report on the accident is still to be made public. The Guyana Civil Aviation Authority in its own findings had faulted the pilot for the crash indicating that he overshot the runway, going pass the area where he should have touched down and not being able to control the aircraft after that, resulting in the plane slamming through the fence and almost on to the roadway.

The aircraft was broken in two. The Trinidadian authorities who were working along with Guyana and the US Federal Aviation Authority didn’t appear too pleased with the Guyana findings and those findings going public. The Trinidadians quickly made it known that the probe was still ongoing.

US Authorities have not said anything since the crash. No one died in the accident but several passengers were injured and hospitalized. One passenger lost a leg.

The anniversary flew past this weekend with no indication of where the probe is right now and how longer it would take before the findings be made known to the public.

Passengers who were onboard the flight recalled after their escape that the plane landed at an unusual speed and that was their first indication that something was just not right. Persons who were in the viewing gallery at the time also said the aircraft landed beyond the usual landing spot and was coming in at an unusual speed also.

It was the first major accident of a large passenger jet at the Guyana airport. One year later, Guyana is focusing on an airport expansion programme and trying to get persons living nearby to relocate. For their own safety.

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