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Lindeners continue to protest

In the mining community of Linden, residents continue to block the streets as they hold out with their protest action even as the Guyana government has now put a hold on the increase in the electricity tariffs for the town. Linden residents say the protest has never been just about the electricity tariffs, they are concerned about the economic state of the town, no investment taking place there and high unemployment.

The police shooting death of the 3 protestors on that first day of the big protest action last Wednesday added fuel to the fire and provided even more reasons for the residents to continue with their protest action.

During the week, some residents explained that the protest is not about politics it is about justice and what should be right for the town.

On the shooting death, attorney at law nigel hughes has been pressing the police force to act since the post mortem results may have laid out the case for murder charges.

Three young men were shot dead when the police opened fire on the Linden protestors. It was the first day of a planned 5 day shut down linden protest which enjoyed the support of the business community In the town. The police shooting led to a tense climate and the protest extended.

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