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Political appointment of town clerk spur protest

The decision to appoint Carol Sooba to act as Town Clerk is being met with strong objection by city council workers many of whom picketed.

The council recently voted for public relations officer Royston King to act for Town Clerk Yonnette Pluck who was sent on leave pending an investigation into alleged financial mismanagement at City Hall.

Councilor Rodwell Jordan told capitol news that the decision was a backward one.

The Town Clerk, Treasurer, and City Engineer, were all sent on leave by the local Government Minister last Monday.

The police were called in to investigate the allegations.

The workers through their union are having none of it and took to the picket line.

They are contending that the former legal officer does not have what it takes for the job.

Councilors see the appointment as another attempt to further politicize the council.

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