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Protestors Protest at PPP office

The headquarters of the ruling party Freedom House in Robb Street today was targeted by protestors who continue to express outrage over the killings of the three protestors in Linden last week.

Red Thread was leading the picketing exercise today and the NGO said they intend to target all those offices they believe have  power and a say in what is taking place at Linden.

What is troubling according  to the protestors, is the government’s refusal over time to address the unemployment and economic plight facing the community.

Trade unionist Lincoln Lewis is urging the people of Linden to stand up for their rights. He believes that the people’s problems are not important to the President.

His comments were made in response to the President’s address to the nation on the issue.

The July 1st tariff increases are being viewed by Lindeners as a deliberate ploy to further keep them in poverty.

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